Thursday, August 4, 2011

I get off on you...

I am amazingly settled in life. Happy to be where I am. And Looking forward to where I am going. I have realized that it is OK if people do not love the way I love, or care the way I care. Some people Just are not like me. And I need to stop expecting them to be. It was a rough day the other day. I went to the doc and I am not doing so well. I didn't feel well, and the doctor confirmed that I shouldn't be feeling well. So now with a few things lined up I am sitting and waiting to find out what can be done. In that light I have realized that I need to learn a lot of things in life. I have a lot to do. And It is not to sit back and pine over someone or something in life that does not have time for me or does not care for me. If you are struggling with something in your life or someone, and it cant give you what you need, then you shouldn't give it part of you. And that is hard for me to realize. Some things are not meant to be conquered. Some people are not meant to be in your life. And Some time is always going to be lost wishing things were different. But once you lose enough time, you will wake up and realize that it is all OK. You are not dead. You lived past it. And Life goes on in an amazing way. People are so afraid of change and rejection. Me, being one of those people. And it hurts when you see you are wrong. It will. And then it won't. Miraculously, you will get past it. And it will even get better. Because the right things for you are always better than the wrong. I have met some amazing people on this forum. Who have molded my way of thinking and always inspired me. Some are gone, some are still here. But either way, it does not change the way they affected me. The imprint on my soul. I love you!


  1. Thanks flip. I could be better... Miss u!

  2. I am here wishing for "better days." Keep smiling and singing Pix, it's all good.

  3. I can't wait until things pick up and get better for you again darlin, you deserve it! Until then, keep in mind that you are an amazingly sweet person, and deserve nothing but the best. It will come to you!