Monday, March 28, 2011

Time to Change...

Why is it when you meet or come to communicate with someone who is mentally stimulating or charming or whatever it is that you are looking for... You start to wonder what if? What if the grass is greener on their side? hmmm.. a thought..
I meet many a people from all over the world... Some are pricks, and some are interesting people who I come to trust and love. But meeting these people give me a different perspective on the world bc their life is alot different than mine. They were brought up in a different environment. It makes you think that there is something out there. Something more. But it also makes me think that I will be chasing forever. Always chasing for that happiness you know must be out there.. And I dont mean in just a person or just a thing. I mean life as a whole. You cant dive into a hobby enough to create pure happiness. You cant expect another person to give it to you either. It has to come from everything falling into place as it should for you. Perfect! But isnt that alot of pressure to put on the world to perform for you?


  1. I stopped looking for happiness or what i thought happiness was and i found contentment. Maybe contentment is a lazymans happiness, i dont know. I found this qoute i like:

    “Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and a happy purchase”
    John Balguy

  2. Sometimes a change of place is exactly what somebody needs. However, many of us are victims of apathy. We don't want to actually make the change, and then you find yourself working at a porn store for two years and hating the world because it was the easier route.

    The blog-sphere does provide interesting insights to the world around. My view on things is that the grass is never greener on the other side. Rather that the grass is green here, blue over there, red over to the right, and that each grass has its pros and cons. The key is to figure out what color grass you grow in. To find the flaws that suite you, otherwise it is like you said an never ending pursuit of some unobtainable greener.

    As for love it doesn't happen on first sight: infatuation does. Love comes from time spent sharing experiences and is something that builds. Of course I don't view love as a blinding force that rose-tints the world. Love is closer to the emotion pride than infatuation. Love is when we stop wearing our mask. When you expose your unfiltered opinions and beliefs with somebody without fear of being judged only accepted by that person that is love. That you can be with someone with every flaw accepted that is love.

    I think you will find that love unexpectedly.

    Take all those greener stories with a grain of salt because those perfect, better places are simply the mask you are being allowed to see. Sometimes behind glinting green mask there exist a true darkness and sometimes behind dull black mask there is a soulful glow.

    So, that was a ramble. I am shutting-up now. But essentially in a nutshell: no perfection-love is defined by unaltered faults-follow your interest-beware the mirror mask that reflects what we want to see and hides what we need to see.