Friday, May 6, 2011

Be Silent, Be Still

I sit and wait. Hearing the dings and the bells and the whistles.
I watch the clock, hearing the constant ticking in the middle of each heart palpitation.
The laughter is like a beating drum and the cries of the little ones like a violent violin playing the sharpest music. Cue the percussion!

Silence. Oh how I long to hear nothing.

The quiet hush of the air running through the trees trying to escape the sun. The darkness showing its power over the land. The simple beat of my own heart mixed with his as it becomes one. As I cradle him in my arms to feel his pulse slow to a steady pace. The slight breath escaping his tiny mouth as he sighs from a sweet polka dotted dream. Safety. I want to hear safety in knowing that I have all I need right here in this moment. Swaying on the swing, cuddling my angel, hearing only the sweet daylight trying to defeat the darkness.

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