Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Another year down, another year passed.
This time last year at least I can say was different. I have progressed. Moved forward. Met people who have changed my life. And met some who did absolutely nothing but they were still just as vital. One of my favortie musicals "Rent" poses the question. How do you measure a year?
I measured mine by how much me and my son have grown to be a vital part of each other. Without me, he feels lost. And without him, i am equally as lost. He has shown me so much in his 3 years of life. But the best thing he has showed me was how much I could be loved. How much I deserved. And as i get older, he is teaching me more than i could ever have learned in school. As long as my years are filled with him and his love I can ask for nothing more than to make him grow into a wonderful young man. Because ever since his conception He has given me a purpose.
No matter where we go in life or how old we get, it is the kids that keep us young. I feel like a kid when I am with my son. I feel like the world is going to go on forever. And I feel like anything is possible. My hope for the next year of my life is that I can live with just as much as life as I did this last year. And I hope that I can lead him in the right direction in life or at least help him along the way. He is my life. And no matter how old I get, I will always take pride in my life.

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