Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Walking through the door, I hear a sound of little feet running in.
My name, my wonderful name rolls off this tiny persons lip as he wraps his whole life around his mommy.
I could lose myself right here in this place if only…
Then I hear thuds. The shadow approaches as if it were a shadow of denial and hate wrapped into one.
I look and see the shoes that stomped out all my happiness. My eyes follow up and I see the hands that have stolen all my dreams. And last, I meet the eyes that have nothing for me anymore but still yearn to keep me for his own bidding.
Oh if I could only have stopped time.
Just for one more moment savored my joy. Held onto my life. Instead I feel my cheeks flushing with sadness, and the rain flooding in behind my heart.
To pretend is to ignore. To fake is to lose yourself. To smile though your heart is breaking is courageous only for another.

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  1. Depth Solitude

    A short film I thought you would enjoy and find pertinent.