Monday, April 4, 2011

Noone can see your tears through the rain...

The rain on my window slips slowly down. Almost as if it knows its absence would allow the world to see the truth. If the rain knows, then how can you be so blind?
My pen writes as fast as my heart is beating, and my mind flutters from period to period. Writing this letter is not out of spite, but out of surrender. I give to you all I can until little is left. With that little, I must resign myself to happiness. With any that I have left I must salvage my life. Lift my head high, look into the rain, and say “I need you no more”. I don’t want to hide. I want to be heard. I don’t want to be adored. I want to be respected.  I want to be loved,  but I would rather be free.

This was written a while back. i just recently found it. i was going through a very rough spot in my life. So glad I have grown from that place. Thats what life is all about, continuing to grow..


  1. While the rain can hide your tears, sometimes it can provide amazing cover allowing you to transverse the treeless expanse between your carport and your neighbor's fenced in pool. I was simply returning his property, namely two weeks of his dog's poop that I found in my yard. Why was his dog's poop in my yard? I am not running a foster yard for wayward feces! We have two german shepherds and we clean up after them.

    Rain definitely covers the sound of dropping about 8 lbs of organic matter into a pool.

    Rain can also wash away your grime and purify you, or it can make you smell worse because rain + needing a shower after carrying around camera equipment all day+ a quick jaunt over to the neighbor's = not a good smell.

    Invariably, rain in the afternoon mean's that I am carrying around expensive electronics and I have no umbrella. Yeah, I'm onto you God! You and your "coincidental" rain storms. DId you not think I was going to notice the pattern?

    Pixie, sorry for yelling at God on your blog, you see he reads everything I write. It's true! I was in church and they told me God is always there and watches everything I do. God is stalking me! That means he is watching me have every toilet break, every shower, and every solo pants-less dumbbell curl. God's a pervert.

  2. I love how you express yourself, it's beautiful.